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Lectures for entrepreneurs and companies

I believe that the world of entrepreneurship is very similar to that of a professional athlete, especially in the field of judo.


In my lecture, I tell my personal story while emphasizing my central values as a judo warrior - professionalism, uncompromising combat, "going for gold", personal responsibility, respect and more.


I think that just as athletes know sweet victories and bitter failures, so do entrepreneurs. We all experience better days and less good, and we all need to know to stand on our feet after the fall to win the next battle.

The lecture is suitable for high-tech companies, entrepreneurship clubs and companies in the Israeli economy.

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Seminars for judo clubs and lectures for schools

The younger generation is our future and therefore it is very important for me to talk to them.


Every week, I am approached by quite a few young people, judo practitioners, and not to unload their hearts, to share and receive a better word from me. I believe that this is important and therefore invests in it quite a bit.

In conversation with me, I try through my personal story to connect the youth to my world of values ​​- excellence, personal responsibility, respect, mark goals and achieve them, of course.

In my lecture, I tell my personal story from the beginning to the present day, when I talk about both the great successes and the fall.

This contact with the younger generation gives me tremendous strength and I believe that in an hour's conversation it is possible to give a lot of strength and inspiration.

Suitable for schools, private events, judo clubs.

Judo clubs can and should be combined professional seminar so that on the mattress we find much more in common.

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