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Peter Paltchik

Faith goes beyond logic

Join me on my journey to Tokyo2021

I am Peter Palchik, Jodka for 23 years, European Champion for 2020, bronze medal in the 2018 European championship, Gold medal in Grand Slam Abu Dhabi 2018 - played for the first time the Israeli national anthem on Abu Dhabi. Ranking First in the world rankings for 2020.

I was not an easy child, I could easily go downhill, I left the Judo, went back, suffered two serious injuries, underwent complex operations, and even made a living as a barkeeper. But practicing judo helped me build a path for myself and achieve respectable achievements at the international level.

I believe that perseverance, striving for excellence, hard work and self-respect is the recipe for realizing dreams and conquering peaks.


My story is a story of determination, sacrifice, love, and especially the choice of the way every time anew, choosing myself.


Welcome to my website where you can get to know me a little more deeply and join my personal journey to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

No Compromises.
We are going for the gold!



tokyo2021 Olympic games start in

"I have some kind of an inner drive when I get up in the morning, I feel Like a rocket"

My Sponsors

Without my partners, I could not focus on Judo in a quiet mind.
This is the place for me to say a lot of thanks for a deep partnership! And a special journey together!

Keep in touch, don't be a stranger :)

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